DWB The Book

They saw the weekend coming.

But not each other.

While Dana battles to keep the family solvent and clinging to the margins of an illusory middle-class life, her oblivious husband Hugo books a luxury hotel for the weekend to celebrate her dreaded 49th birthday.

Can it be a dirty weekend away with two demanding, thrill-seeking teenagers in tow? 

Hugo hopes to rekindle his marital love life, but Dana yearns for tranquility and maybe something else. 

Will they love, laugh and build bridges this weekend?

Each one of them has, not only their own agenda, but a closely guarded secret they would rather not reveal…

The family dynamics – volatile at home – play out, away in Brighton, erupting with volcanic force and unforeseen consequences.   

As Dana contemplates her life, and the value of everyone else’s, over the course of the weekend – events unfold, against the colourful backdrop of Brighton city, that none could have seen coming, forcing everyone to confront their own – and other's – demons. 

All the ingredients for the clichéd weekend are there – but not in the places, or people, you would expect to find them.

‘Funny and dark in equal measure…’ 

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Illustrated with black and white photographs – see below

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