Fiona has enjoyed a rich and varied career which has included law, interior design, retail and film.


Fiona originally trained as a solicitor, and practised law for several years, before pursuing a number of different business interests.


During all of that time she continued to write, until she could ignore the call of creativity no longer. She turned to film making, and in that she found that her true passion was in fact creating life from ink on the page.


Fiona has first and second degrees in law, interior design and film/screenwriting.


But as she has always known – there is no substitute for learning from living, and you don't need a degree to spin a yarn or tell a tale…


Fiona has her roots in Ireland – her name is Joyce after all – and remembers well criss-crossing that cruel stretch of sea between Dún Laoghaire and Holyhead as a child…


She now lives in Sussex, England with Jazz her beloved Jack Russell terrier.


Oh yes, and she did actually own a bookshop once upon a time...

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